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Tunisha is a coherent thinker, strategist and go-getter committed to making all forms of business equally meaningful, inclusive, and fun for everyone. Armed with a PhD in Media Psychology, Tunisha is a professional 1-2 punch of art and science. She has 15 years of experience blended across traditional production and emerging aspects of entertainment including podcasting, social media, digital events, creative strategy, and XR/VR/AR. 

With an expertise in fan identity, digital communications and community engagement, Tunisha’s work focuses on using innovation and consumer insight to inform the design of content development and integrated marketing communications. She is super passionate about sports and leaps at all opportunities towards forging a robust relationship between sports and society through dope story-driven content to promote advocacy, action, and authenticity.

Tunisha aspires to work with more brands and non-profits on projects about building positive experiences, eSports, mental health, fandom, amplifying Black voices and race/gender/LGBTQ+ empowerment. 

Learn more about Tunisha on her website: https://tunishasingleton.com/

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