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IHQ is a podcast full of story and insight to explore fandom, the human experience, and WTF is going on outside. From sport, technology, Black feminism, politics, and everything in between, IHQ cuts through the noise to have real conversations on the topics that impact us all. 

Hosted by dynamic personality Tunisha Singleton Ph.D., IHQ combines colorful and comedic anecdotes with credible insight to explore what people embrace to stay safe, sane and entertained. ​

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Your Host

Sometimes you just know when you come across a real one. Unlike no other, Tunisha is a multiplexed character with an uncanny ability to cut through the noise and see things for what they are (which often times is just people doing people sh!t).

“Story + culture + content = my jam.”

Professionally – she’s an integrated marketing and creative services consultant armed with a 1-2 punch of art and science. Oh yea, plus she’s accredited with a PhD in Media Psychology, so feel free to call her Doc.

Personally – she’s overly passionate about sports, social media and Golden Retrievers. When not drinking black coffee, she’s finding music to add to her ratchet playlist and collecting gifs.

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